The Beginning

Staged Spaces was officially founded in 2017, although it began in my heart in 1995 at the age 6. My design career began by decorating the Christmas tree whenever I would spend time with my grandmother. My days were pretty consistent during those times. Disney's Cinderella was on constant repeat along with redecorating the Christmas tree at least four times a day. That's right, I would put all the trimmings on the tree, take a break and then start all over again when it was time to rewind the movie. With that level of fascination and desire for perfection, how could I not fall in love with staging spaces?


The Big Leap

After years of planning and decorating private events, I decided to take the big leap and start a company with the support of family and friends. The most difficult part was overcoming the fear of people not liking my designs. One night I decided to make post a picture of my work and boom - there was no turning back. What began as a childhood passion became a full-blown business, and I could not be prouder.


Why Staged Spaces is perfect for your event!

Through my career and volunteerism, I have been able to gain expert event planning and decor skills. Trust me, I have planned it all. From carnivals, to museum exhibits, banquets, birthdays, weddings, and a host of other events, I’ve proved that “impossible” is only a mindset. Whether it’s an event for two or two thousand, Staged Spaces is able to provide professional services and beautiful designs for you and your guests to remember forever. Our business model has allowed us to grow our inventory and provide the best rates in the industry to our clients. Through our personal connection with select vendors, we are able to provide high quality products under tight deadlines and pull your event off in high style.

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Kamilia Landrum
Staged Spaces LLC


I had an idea for an event, but since décor is not my strong suit, it was great to work with someone who could take a few of my ideas and passions and then turn that into a transformed space. I strongly recommend Kamilia and her team at Staged Spaces to anyone who wants to make an ordinary space magical. She was prompt, efficient and affordable---the basics you want with any business---but more importantly, exceptionally creative.
Private Home Client

The Staged Spaces team absolutely exceeded my expectations. They stepped in, took the reigns and executed our vision (and then some) despite the quick turnaround and the project being slightly out of scope.  Their eye and attention to detail is second to none.  I highly recommend Staged Spaces for events, retail activations, and beyond.
Tatiana Grant, Owner, Infused PR

A wedding is a very joyous occasion and Kamilia made it extra special for me.  People typically remember the food, decor, and the DJ, so I'm glad I entrusted Kamilia at Staged Spaces to make my day beautiful and elegant. To this day, the decor is one of the most talked about moments at my wedding. Kamilia and her team were always available when needed, prepared, passionate, timely, and most importantly flexible. She works with you to make sure you get the best for what you pay. Staged Spaces will turn your dreams into reality and your ideas into something magical. Do yourself a favor and book them today! 
Kevin & Neefesha Marion

My Grandmother, Lula Frances Landrum